Safety at home and in the car

Keeping active

It’s a good idea to keep as active and fit as possible and keep up your normal physical activity or sport for as long as possible. But don’t suddenly take up a strenuous activity and, if you go to classes, let the teacher know that you are pregnant.

At work

If you work with certain chemicals, x-rays or do lots of lifting, you will need to think through with colleagues how to avoid putting your and your baby’s health at risk. Full details of what to consider and the support available is on the Health and Safety Executive website.


As you can feel more tired when you are pregnant, it’s a good idea to plan long car journeys, avoid making them on your own if possible and make sure you stop regularly for a break. Make sure you eat and drink regularly and keep the air circulating in the car. It’s best if you can wear the seatbelt across your pelvis under your bump and not across your bump.

Going abroad

And if you are planning to go on holiday, talk through with your midwife or doctor before you fly and any vaccinations you may need.

Further information is available at NHS – travel whist pregnant.