Moving school

Moving school mid-way through a term or transferring to secondary school can be an anxious time. You are leaving behind friends and familiar surroundings but there are new exciting ones ahead.


Yet starting secondary school can create feelings of excitement because you are growing up. You may also be excited about making new friends and learning new things. For some however they may feel a mixture of excitement and nerves.

Things that might be making you feel nervous are:

  • Getting lost on the way to school or in school
  • Not making friends / bullying
  • Not coping with the school work


To make things easier, discuss your concerns with your parent / carer, teacher you trust or the school nurse especially if you continue to feel anxious about school.

If you can, join some school clubs with your close friends as they share the same interests as you. Write down homework and complete as soon as you can. Don’t leave it all until the weekend. Tell your parent / carer or teacher if you are struggling as they will listen.

Don’t bottle it up – if you are worried about something then talk to a trusted adult in school, your parent / carer or the school nurse. If no-one know, no-one can help.

Road Safety

At seven years old your child may still be holding your hand as you walk them to school – a few years later your child may be going to school without you. So make sure your child knows the basic road rules, they use a zebra crossing where possible, they know not to walk out behind a bus or parked cars and also know the basic Green Cross Code of STOP, Look, and Listen.


Cycle safety

Lots of schools have bike racks and encourage you to cycle to school.

Make sure you have good lights for the dark times and check your bike tyres & brakes regularly to check they work. For more information please click on the following links:

Cycle safety

Cycle for life