Young carers

A carer is someone who provides care and support to a person (usually a relative or a friend) with an illness or disability.


Children often provide this support to family members; this may be direct support to the person who is ill, or support to other family members I.e. helping with siblings if the parent is unable. Such children can be considered young carers and they may need information both practical and emotional support to help them.  Young carers can sometimes find themselves taking on too much care, and this may affect their ability to live their own life – for example they miss a day at school, find it hard to find times for hobbies/friends, or may become tired and overwhelmed trying to juggle everything.

Greenwich Carers Centre

The Carers Centre provides a range of support including: information, outings/activities with other young carers, training i.e. first aid.  For more information click here.

Young carers is a national project supporting young carers.