What to expect

This is a time of growth and development for your baby. They will start to become more active and stronger. Being active is important for young children as it helps them to build up muscle control and movement skills.

How to help your baby’s movement

It helps if you can allow your baby to move freely in a safe space and particularly to have time on their tummy every day. This helps them use and strengthen their muscles which will help them to crawl and later be used for speaking and writing. ‘Little and often’ is best as very young babies can find it difficult to be on their tummy for a long time. Babies should always be placed on their backs to sleep. ‘Tummy time’ is only for when babies are awake and someone is with them.

Download this Born to Move app to give you ideas on how to support your child’s development.

Starting to communicate

Babies begin to smile around 4 – 6 weeks. You can help them develop socially by smiling and making faces to them, taking about what’s going on around you and making noises such as ‘blowing raspberries’. It’s good if you talk to them saying things like “Are you hungry?” “Look at…” and repeating rhymes and songs.

For more information on child development you can visit the following sites: