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6-8 week Health Visitor review

When your baby is 6-8 weeks old you will be offered an appointment with a health visitor to talk about you and your baby’s progress. Your health visitor will ask about your physical and emotional well-being as well as review your baby’s growth, development and feeding. You should also see your GP at 6-8 weeks after birth.


6-8 week GP health review

As a new mother it is recommended that you see  your GP at approximately 6 weeks after you baby is born. At this appointment your GP will discuss the following with you – Contraception, sexual health, mental health, your emotional wellbeing along with anything else you feel is important.


Health Visiting Advice Sessions

Families who would like to speak to a health visitor about any concerns they may have regarding their baby or child’s health or development, or who wish to request support from the health visitor can attend the weekly’ Health Visitor Advice session’ in their local Children’s Centre area.

Families who would like to have advice on routine issues about feeding and caring for their baby can also attend Nursery Nurse-led health advice sessions in their area.

Each session will last for three hours and no appointment is needed.

Details of these sessions is here Health Visiting Advice Sessions

Online resources

When you search online for information and support you will often find other parents experiences and opinions or businesses trying to sell you products.

For unbiased, up to date information to help you as a parent use Oxleas Parent Online resources Oxleas Health Visiting and Oxleas Breastfeeding