What to expect

Your child has moved on a long way since their last developmental review.

The child’s view

I have started to make friends and I enjoy playing with them. I like to play in a group with enjoy playing make believe, and playing structured  games. My self-confidence and self-awareness is growing. You will notice I have my favourite toys, and I like to choose what I do with them.  I am getting chattier and will join in new things when you are with me.

My level of understanding is developing – I am learning to share toys, you help me with this, I am beginning to realise sometimes you’re busy and may not be able to focus on me completely. I know when I am sad or cross and that if I shout or say unkind things I might make my friends sad or worried too.

I love running around I like, stopping, changing direction and slowing down so that I don’t bump into things, you may have to tell me not to if we are in busy places! Show me how to stand on one foot and I will copy you. I like the game Simon Says.  Ball games are fun and on the whole my activity level is increasing.

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