Help and support

3-4 years

The health visiting team is made up of health visitors, nursery nurses, breastfeeding advisers and clerical staff. We work from health centres, clinics and children’s centres and also make home visits. If you want to access your local Health Visiting team click here. To find when and where your local Health Advice session is scheduled click here.

Between 3-4 years you will be sent a School Readiness Toolkit showing how you can support your child to be able to start school happy, relaxed and ready to learn. These include activities that children should be encouraged to practice & complete independently such as feeding themselves and using the toilet. There is an accompanying 3-4 year questionnaire.

If after reviewing the questionnaire you have any concerns about your child’s development and would like to discuss this with a member of the Health visiting team please call our duty line on 0208 8368621 option 4 or visit our Website to find out the times of a Health advice drop in near to you.

For further information on courses offered at your local Children and Family centre please click here.