17-19 years

You are now doing A levels, possibly repeating GCSE’s and looking towards your future away from 6th form.


All the Greenwich schools whether state funded, Academies, Free Schools and some Independent, have a named school nurse. If you have concerns about your health, contact your school nurse: see “Contact Us” for how to get in touch.

School nurses deliver class based health sessions on different topics depending on year group. They also run student drop-ins sessions weekly in school.

For more information, see the “What to expect” section on this page.



What you talk to the school nurse about remains confidential: which means that I do not talk to your teachers or parents about the stuff you have spoken to me about.




There are some occasions when I will not be able to keep what you have told me confidential: this is because what you have told me may cause harm to yourself or to another person.

Before I tell anyone, I will give you a full explanation of why I need to tell someone, when the information is going to be shared and who with.