How is your baby's development going?

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Question 1

Can your baby sit straight on the floor for several minutes without using their arms to steady themselves?


Question 2

When you help your baby to stand, by holding both their hands are they able to support their own weight with their feet flat on the floor?


Question 3

Does your baby pass a toy from one hand back to the other?


Question 4

Does your baby feed themselves finger foods?


Question 5

Does your baby make sounds like "da da" or "ba ba" ?


Question 6

Can your baby follow one simple instruction like "come here" or Give it to me"


Question 7

Does your baby laugh and smile at you and other family members?


Question 8

Does your baby respond to their name?


Question 9

Can your baby see small objects on the floor and try to retrieve them?


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You and your baby are doing really well together. You are welcome to bring baby to one of our health advice clinics to discuss her progress (see link to health advice clinics).

You can find more information about child development and how to support your baby’s progress   here.

If you would like baby to have a review of their development by one of our experienced nursery nurses, you can call to make an appointment

(020 8836 8621).

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Your baby is making good progress in lots of areas. We recommend that you call to make an appointment for a developmental review with one of our experienced nursery nurses (020 8836 8621).

You can find more information about child development and how to support your baby’s progress   here

You can find a list of Greenwich Children’s Centres   here

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Please contact us to make an appointment for your baby’s development review.

020 8836 8621

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10-12 months


Your 10-12 month old is learning to drop things and point. Shape sorter toys are fun at this age. They will soon be walking and may be crawling and cruising around the furniture.

Their coordination is improving, try introducing a spoon at mealtimes. You will hear an increasing number of sounds such as “mama” and “dada”. Your baby will be watching and copying those around them. They will study your facial expressions, voice tones, words and actions.What they see and hear will shape their emotional and social behaviour. They are learning about relationships and becoming more independent. Your baby’s vision is now as good as an adult’s. Memory is increasing too and they are becoming better at recognising familiar people, objects shapes and colours. Baby is investigating and is learning quickly about the world around them, finding corners of your home that you may not be familiar with. If you haven’t already, take a good look around and ensure the environment is a safe place for your baby to explore grow and develop. It’s a good idea to lie on the floor and look around to see things from your baby’s view point.