The Greenwich 0-19 service is here to support you and your family from your children’s earliest years to their last day at school.


The health visiting service is there for you from the time that you are 28 weeks pregnant with your first baby, until your last little one goes off to school.


The School Nursing Service is there for you throughout your  school life.


These pages are packed with information to help you find all that you need to give your family a healthy  lifestyle and support from the very beginning.


Click on the links below to find information tailored to your needs.


During pregnancy

Have a healthy pregnancy and prepare for your baby

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New Baby

Caring for your new baby and yourself

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6-8 weeks

What to expect as baby gets older

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10-12 months

How are you and baby doing?

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2-2.5 years

Your active child

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3-4 years

Growing up & getting ready for school

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5-7 years

Starting school

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7-11 years

Moving through school

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12-14 years

Secondary school

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15-16 years

GCSE's and towards post 16

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17-19 years

Looking to the future

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Health Advice Clinics and Greenwich Children Centres

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